Sleeping Bags for the Homeless – Contra Costa County

IFFER team members Steve Balram Singh and Kumar Joshi together with the chair of Project Sleeping Bags for the Homeless, Chetan Singh distributed sleeping bags and dental supplies to the homeless in Contra Costa County. The Bay Area has one of the largest and least sheltered homeless population in the country. More than 35,000 individuals are living in the region’s streets, according to a 2019 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development report, and that number may have gone up since the pandemic started.

For those less fortunate, our country’s unhoused population, one of the most needed items are sleeping bags. Every year people living on the streets die from the cold and sleeping bags can be a lifesaving option for them. Although it does not solve all the problems that arise from living on the streets, we hope that they provide a warmer place to lay down and offers some protection from a cold, hard surface.